The war in Ukraine, the situation of the people on the ground and the refugees who will come to us, also makes us at Port Opportunity very concerned. But as is our way, we are rolling up our sleeves and doing what we can.

Our message is: To all those who have lost everything in their home country, but would like to return to Ukraine one day with a financial basis for life, who do not want to lay their hands in their laps, but need work as an elixir of life, we will provide quick and uncomplicated advice on finding a job here in Germany. Of course, this will be done free of charge in the proven manner. You can find your contact person here.

We are very grateful to the funding institutions of the European Social Fund in the state of Bremen for supporting our project. The current development in the middle of Europe shows how urgent and necessary such measures and initiatives are. We were able to build up an agile team in the last 1 ½ years, which not only made our project a success in the short term, but now, even after the end of the project in May, we are able to adjust to a new flow of refugees from Ukraine and will help.